Color Selections for Your Home’s Interior
Fox Brothers Painting’s Color Consultant is proud to have been interviewed for The Charlotte Observer’s article, Color Confident, by Jane Cannon.

As Fox Brothers Painting’s in house color consultant, I was excited to speak with Jane Cannon about what goes into choosing the right colors for your home and how to make the colors you love, work in your space. In addition to her wonderful article, here are a few more things to remember;

Often times my clients look through photo after photo to get ideas for color schemes in their homes, and while it is always a good idea to look through photos for color combinations you may not have considered, often times choosing colors based on photos just doesn’t work out.

Here are just a few reasons why choosing a color from an online photo rarely leads to loving it on the walls in your own space:

~Often times a photo is retouched and “tweaked” before a company will post it online. It is sometimes difficult to capture the true color of a room in a photograph, so while enhancing a photo before posting helps to   sharpen the image or brighten it, rarely does the color look the same in your space as it does on your computer.

~Computer monitors will display the same color differently, depending on your settings.

~Lighting, lighting, lighting! A color is affected by the artificial lighting in the room as well as by the natural light coming into a room. For example, a warm light bulb will cast a yellow tone, changing the appearance   of the actual paint color.

A few things to remember when choosing colors for your home’s interior:

~Start with colors that you love. We all get caught up looking at the newest trends and trying to make them work in our homes, but the truth is that if you start with colors that you love, then you are much more      likely to love the final look.

~Pull colors from fabrics in your home.

color swatch

~Undertones! Now that you know which colors you love, it’s time to choose the correct undertone. This is usually a bit more of a challenge for some and where a Color Consultant can help. Check out Color Expert,  Diana Hathaway’s article in About Home called How Paint Color Undertones Work (And Why it Matters)

~Choose colors that reflect the feel you are wanting for that particular space. Your bedroom should be a relaxing and peaceful color that allows you to unwind and forget the stresses of the day. This might not be the  best place for that Canary Yellow you saw online. Take the time to understand how color can affect the mood of a room. Psychology Expert, Kendra Cherry, discusses the correlation between color and mood in her    article for About Health called, Color Psychology 

yellow room

~For those not afraid to be BOLD, I applaud you! However, a general rule of thumb is no more than 3 colors in one space to keep from appearing chaotic.  Keep in mind that you can also introduce bold colors by  choosing fantastic and interesting accent pieces, as Interior Designer, Ashley of Little Bit Creations beautifully illustrates here;



Lastly, ENJOY the color selection process! This is your home and should reflect YOUR personality.