Q- Can I get a general idea of what my project will cost, over the phone?

A- Unfortunately, there are many variables that go into pricing for each individual project making it very difficult to provide an idea of pricing without a site visit. There is wall condition, sq footage and materials needed, just to name a few. Our estimates come to you in a very detailed and itemized outline which breaks down the various project areas and materials allowing for complete transparency in our final project price.

Q- Does Fox Brothers Painting paint cabinetry and stair treads?

A- Yes. Fox Brothers Painting is a full service residential and commercial painting company. Our crews are trained in all types of painting, including cabinetry and painted stair treads. Cabinet painting and stair tread painting have become one of the most requested services from our customers. Please feel free to visit our gallery to view photos of our painted cabinetry and stair treads.

Q- Does Fox Brothers Painting offer to beat or match another company’s estimate?

A- Fox Brothers Painting always provides the best pricing possible to their customers, however, we are more than happy to look at a quote provided by another company against our own. This allows us to ensure that all materials and the specific scope of work in each estimate is the same. From there we are happy to discuss any difference in price and/or differences in the estimates.

Q- Can we break the project down into phases?

A- Yes. Fox Brothers Painting provides detailed and itemized estimates to its customers to allow them the opportunity to break their project up into phases, if needed. By listing the cost per room in our estimates, our customers have a much easier time prioritizing and keeping within budget.

Q- Is it up to the customer to provide project materials?

A- No. Fox Brothers Painting includes the cost of all materials in their estimates. However, if a customer would rather provide the materials themselves, they may. It is important to remember that Fox Brothers Painting purchases many of their materials at a contractor’s discount price and provides the materials to their customers at that same discounted price, helping to keep the project cost down. *It is very important that if a customer wishes to provide materials for any project, it is discussed with your project manager at the time of the estimate appointment to ensure the proper materials are purchased.

Q- Does Fox Brothers Painting install crown molding?

A- Yes. Fox Brothers Painting offers crown molding installation as well as custom carpentry work.